# This html document was prepared by gri2html based on the Gri script named
# example7.gri
# Gri is available for free at http://gri.sourceforge.net
# Example 7 -- Box plots of mixing efficiency vs density ratio (meddy)

`Draw y boxplot from \file at .x.'
Draw a y boxplot for data in given file, at given 
value of x.
    open \.word4.
    read columns * y
    draw y box plot at \.word6.
if !..publication..
    draw time stamp
end if
set x axis 1 3 1 0.1
set x name "Density Ratio, $R_\rho$"
set x margin 4
set y axis -2 1 1
# Must fool gri into not drawing the axes, because the y data
# are already in logspace.
draw axes none
Draw y boxplot from example7a.dat at 1.3
Draw y boxplot from example7b.dat at 1.4
Draw y boxplot from example7c.dat at 1.5
Draw y boxplot from example7d.dat at 1.6
Draw y boxplot from example7e.dat at 1.7
Draw y boxplot from example7f.dat at 1.8
Draw y boxplot from example7g.dat at 1.9
delete y scale
set y name "Efficiency, $\Gamma$"
set y type log
set y axis 0.01 10 1
draw axes
draw title "Example 7 -- Box plot"