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  1: Introduction
  2: Simple example
  3: Invocation
  4: Finer Control
  5: X-Y Plots
  6: Contour Plots
  7: Image Plots
  8: Examples
  9: Gri Commands
  10: Programming
  11: Environment
  12: Emacs Mode
  13: History
  14: Installation
  15: Gri Bugs
  16: Test Suite
  17: Gri in Press
  18: Acknowledgments
  19: License

index.html#Top StableStream.html#StableStream Gri: Version 2.8 Gri: Version 2.4 index.html#Top Gri: Version 2.4

13.1.6: Version 2.6

13.1.7: Version 2.6.4 [2001 Jul 9: Dan's birthday]

  • Fix SourceForge bug #435688 (remnants of `polar' column type, no longer supported, remained in documentation)
  • Fix SourceForge bug #435603 (`set dash' produced broken PostScript)
  • Fix SourceForge bug #431114 (`-0' could appear on axes)

13.1.8: Version 2.6.3 [2001 Jun 22]

  • Fix SourceForge bug #433250 (`draw symbol' ignored dashing state sometimes)
  • Fix SourceForge bug #432549 (contours sometimes unlabelled)
  • Tweak internal coding for compilation on AIX compilers. Version 2.6.2 [2001 May 19]

  • Fix SourceForge bug #425174 (synonym interpolation broken on e.g. `show "[\syn]"'
  • Fix SourceForge bug #425175 (`while !..eof..' acted ignored end of file) Version 2.6.1 [2001 May 10]

  • Fix SourceForge bug #420499 (gri-mode.el compatibility issues with emacs-21; Mostly bad old code.)
  • Fix SourceForge bug #421076 (byte-compiled gri-mode.el has broken IMenu support; Affects Debian package.)
  • Fix SourceForge bug #419599 (wouldn't compile under GNU g++ 3.x compiler)
  • Fix SourceForge bug #418065 (documentation mentions back-tic notation, which is not available)
  • Fix SourceForge bug #417333 (vague error message `RPN string operator')
  • Fix SourceForge bug #415277 (make fails on MSDOS)
  • Fix SourceForge bug #415149 (`' parse error on MSDOS)
  • Fix SourceForge bug #414520 (`draw symbol ... at' should automatically produces axes unless the location is in `cm' coordinates)
  • Fix SourceForge bug #414010 (items in the html concept index were in an odd order)
  • Fix SourceForge bug #413986 (`~username' was broken in `open')
  • Fix SourceForge bug #411904 (`/' was ugly in math mode) Version 2.6.0 [2001 April 1]

  • Permit `rewind' to take a filename.
  • Make `open' set `\.return_value.' to the full pathname of the file that was opened.
  • Add `set path' command (see Set Path To).
  • Remove functioning of `GRIINPUTS' environment variable, since this is more cleanly handled with the newly added `set path to' command (see Set Path To).
  • Remove `\.awk.' synonym, which was deemed to be unhelpful. Users with many scripts that use this variable might wish to put a line like
    \.awk. = "gawk"
    in their `~/.grirc' file.
  • Change the format of images in the PostScript output file, as a workaround for a bug in the `ps2pdf' program.
  • Add ``ampersand'' (`\&' and `\&&') syntax to permit newcommands to look up the name and nesting level of changeable arguments (see Changeable Command Arguments).
  • Add ``at-sign'' (`@') syntax for aliases (see Alias Synonyms).
  • Add ability to embed newlines in `show' commands with the `\<<' sequence (see Show).
  • Add ability to embed TAB characters in `show' commands with the `\>>' sequence (see Show).
  • Make various `read' commands (see Read) able to decode synonyms as well as variables and simple numbers.
  • Add `strlen' RPN operator (see Unary Operators).
  • Add `default' option to `set x format' and `set y format' commands.
  • Add `new postscript file' (see New Postscript File) command.
  • Switch email list from `majordomo' to GNU `mailman'.
  • No longer remove comments from data lines that are read. This served little function, interfered with recent user code, and could be accomplished by reading through a `sed' pipe in any case.
  • Make the first element of the `argv' array be the name of the command-file. (This makes Gri consistent with languages such as C.)
  • Add chapter on test suite (see Test Suite).
  • Let newcommands have changeable arguments (see Changeable Command Arguments).
  • Remove `-s' as an abbreviation for the commandline option `-superuser'.
  • Remove the `:' syntax from the commandline options.
  • Add commandline option `-output PS_file_name'.
  • Add `assert' command (see Assert).
  • Add test suite (mainly for developers).
  • Add `sleep' command (see Sleep).
  • Remove command `show hint of the day', since I no longer permission to use cgi-bin to provide the hints via web-server.
  • Permit indexing of synonym words with variables, in addition to constants.
  • Fix bug in interpolating synonyms in the test-expression of `while' loops.
  • Put source on the Source Forge open-source development website, at `'. Gri users can benefit from this site in may ways. First, it is a great way to keep track of new versions. With a mouse-click you can cause SourceForge to email you whenever a new version of Gri is released. Second, SourceForge has newsgroups (`') and email lists (`') devoted to Gri. These are archived, so that you can stop monitoring them for a while and then go back and see what you've missed. Third, Source Forge has a powerful bug-tracking facility. (`') With this you may check for existing bugs reported by users, submit new bug reports, and also track the process of bug removal (e.g. optionally receiving emails when the bug is removed).
  • Add `set colorname' command (see Set Colorname).
  • Add `source' command (see Source).
  • Add RPN operators `wordc' (see Solitary Operators) and `wordv' (see Unary Operators) for accessing the words in the present Gri command.
  • Add RPN operators `argc' (see Solitary Operators) and `argv' (see Unary Operators) for accessing the command-line arguments used when Gri was invoked from the operating system.
  • Add automatic support for compressed data files. So far, this only works with gzipped files (see Open).
  • Add two new RPN operators, `file_exists' and `directory_exists' (see Unary Operators).
  • Reorganize parts of manual (e.g. changing the section about the Emacs `gri-mode.el' into a chapter, with screen snapshots).
  • Improve the HTML form of the manual (e.g. color-code the Gri syntax in examples, provide access to all the indices, use Jpeg format, et.).
  • Add several new features to `gri-mode.el':

    1) Add a menubar pull-down menu listing all Gri commands, allowing the user to get `Help' or `Info' on any command or `Insert' it in the current Gri file.

    2) Add a menubar pull-down entry to `Perform' to set `gri-run' settings such as flag options passed to gri.

    3) Gri info file can have .info extension now.

    4) Made `gri-apropos' an alias for `gri-help-apropos'.

    5) gri-mode now uses the customize interface (See `gri-customize').

    6) The `~/.gri-syntax' file has changed format. As a side-effect, spaces are used instead of hyphens to display Gri commands, and one can now select a command with the mouse in the Completions buffer.

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