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Discussion Forums

Most Gri users should subscribe to the open forum and the help forum. If you're interested in where Gri is going (as an observer or as a helper), you should visit the developer forum from time to time.


Please take the Gri survey so the author will have a better idea of how Gri should evolve.


You may request a new Gri feature here. (Assign it to 'dankelley' if it relates to gri itself, or to 'psg' if it relates to the Emacs mode.) If it is really important, you may also want to email the developers, in case we are not monitoring the site. You may request Gri support, although it is better to report a bug, or to post on the help forum.

If you'd like to contribute to Gri, and have modified the source code in a useful way, please submit a patch so that other users can benefit from your work and generosity.

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